Antifa are Basically the Gateway to Hell – The Executioners of a Force Unknown, but Very Real

11 september 2018

Forget politics – this image above is such an interesting screenshot (from the trailer of Steve Bannon’s new Movie ‘Trump @ War’).

Now compare it to this medieval painting on the left of a mass execution, surrounded by a passive, monotonous crowd. The executioners dressed in black light up the fire that has been build in the middle of a square or street, while others keep their short distance.

Antifa (in black, surrounding a fire) are not a new phenomenon. The movements began in early-20th-century Europe, when fascism was a concrete concern. They resurfaced during the Occupy movement, and during the anti-globalization protests of the late 1990s and early 2000s. They are now the militant fringe of #TheResistance against Donald Trump – who, they maintain, is ‘a fascist, ushering into power a fascist regime‘. In the top image ‘Resistance’ supporters are standing around these few dozen Antifa members. It’s Antifa that control the fire, in the middle of a square. But there’s no one to burn – yet. Pending an execution, the supporters are turned away from the fire – looking outward.

Antifa are basically the gateway to hell – the executioners of a force unknown to us, but very real. They have seemingly lured bystanders towards the fire in a deceitfull manner, to a place where they’ve been told evil shall burn. And their deceit (initially) travels through powerful words. We know this, because media, academia and public opinion seem unaffected by their use of heavy violence, intolerance and rejection of the nation state. The fascist enemy goes without prove.

Philosopher Roger Scruton wrote in A Political Philosophy: Arguments for Conservatism (2006), how the manipulation of language facilitated the Communist enterprise and its myriad evils:

Who and what am I? Who and what are you? Those are the questions that plagued the Russian romantics, and to which they produced answers that mean nothing in themselves, but which dictated the fate of those to whom they were applied: . . . bourgeoisie and proletariat; capitalist and socialist; exploiter and producer: and all with the simple and glorious meaning of them and us!

Who and what are you? A fascist. Who and what am I? An anti-fascist. Them and us, tidily distinguished. We are asked to join the upcoming executions by the fire – in what is being sold as an act of overcoming the only possible evil (Trump, nationalism: them). ‘If I were the devil’, commentator Paul Harvey said famously in 1965, this would be the way to go about it.

I have come see more clearly that language shapes reality more than the other way around, because the most blatant untruths have already been adopted by those blissfully unaware of the trick the devil has played on them.

To suggest that war is peace, that freedom is slavery and what’s true is false was enough. Apparently, we think by means of words and are willing to accept any outcome, including the ones that prosecute the innocent and worship the lie. Our perceptions just change as the words change, and our actions often follow. So the Communists would say: No one killed affluent peasants. No, the Party “liquidated kulaks.” Peasants on their way to the Gulags would defend their fate as just a another necessary in the right direction.

It is because of words that the devil – in the role of Antifa (‘anti-fascisme’) – has penetrated reality and thus enabled itself to act like it’s ‘true self’. Just like they did from day one in Washington, D.C. on the morning of Inauguration Day: lighting trash cans on fire, throwing rocks and bottles at police officers, setting ablaze cars, and tossing chunks of pavement through windows of several businesses. Leftist thugs have appointed themselves adjudicators of the fates of those unwilling to move towards the fire and it’s need for destruction.

All other sources of words and thoughts are therefor attacked. They stormed university buildings to prevent appearances by Breitbart provocateurs like Milo Yiannopoulos or Charles Murray, Ann Coulter or Ben Shapiro (just to name a few). Often universities and local law enforcement refuse to find a secure location for them to speak – unable to unravel or maybe resist the true, luring nature of Antifa.

At some point, they prevented German citizens to march the streets in Chemnitz last week in a relatively peaceful protest against migrant crimes and Angela Merkels policy of open borders. They are everywhere where some sort of (act of) consciousness arises.

I feel like I am only beginning to understand the true nature of our culture wars – that it is a force coming from deep down. I can only know this: staying away from the fire of destruction and sacrifice might be the safest bet right now.