Vox Populi, Vox Dei – German citizen Thomas T. is fed up: ‘one has the impression of not living in a government governed by rational beings, but in a Panopticon’

24 augustus 2018

This recent letter from a concerned citizen was written to German politician and publicist Vera Lengsfeld (1952) and published on her website. Lengsfeld was a prominent civil rights activist (put under Stasi-observations) in former East Germany. More recently she was the initiator of ‘Die Gemeinsame Erklärung 2018’ – the ‘Joint Statement 2018’ – where she and about six dozen other German intellectuals called for law and order at the borders and an open debate without fear about mass-immigration in Germany. It was signed openly by over 165.000 people (from all walks of live) and presented to the government – but quickly framed as ‘far-right’.

“Dear M(r)s. Lengsfeld,

My name is Thomas T., I was born in January 1963 in Berlin (“capital of the GDR”). I have been happily married for almost thirty years to a marvellous woman, and we have a wonderful grandson aged three and a half. 

Despite this, somehow many, many of us have not been doing so well: since the fall of 2015 (this was when Angela Merkel famously openend the borders to all immigrants, red.), one has the impression of not living in a government governed by rational beings, but in a panopticon. Every day you feel like Alice through the looking glass: everything, really everything that happens in this country, is – so to speak – reversed and completely diametrically opposed to any common sense. 

Politicians of all “established” parties, judges of the federal constitutional court, the so-called “elites” (I was always of the opinion that this term was posited positively, as well as “activist”), the guardians of virtue in the social-democratic and green parties, and last but not least, the self-proclaimed “experts” of any color that conduct themselves in an absolutely unbearable way, using methods to regulate and control citizens that are often even more subtle than in the GDR of my time. On some days one thinks that one will go crazy in the face of all the sicknesses of this system.

The worst role is played in particular by the public media with their prescribed brainwashing (like in de GDR), as well as the denial and concealment of what happens in Germany, day in, day out. (…) 

I feel today’s omnipresent propaganda against “dissidents” is even worse than in the GDR, especially in a country that – as if to scorn – repeatedly calls itself a “democratic constitutional state”.

But what good will crying about it do? Nothing, alike contributing to various platforms on the Internet or the occasional small, scattered demonstrations, which are then attacked by the terrorist and state-subsidized “Antifa” (which is a scornful name for creatures who are in their minds and actions fully fascists!). They just discourage people to even dare to participate. Apart from the fact that the working man, especially if he belongs to the species of those “who have lived here for a long time” simply has no desire to lose his decency or love for his homeland after a hard day’s work, to leftist fascists that in fact hate this country (for other reasons). 

On top of that, our “rulers” (and I purposely put them between quotation marks , because I do not believe that we are ruled, only lied to, cheated and fooled) look away from these activities because they: 1.) rely on the use of the ubiquitous verbal swinging between “Nazi and racist” and 2.) rely on the howling of the ‘Gutmenschen’ (the virtue-signallers) on every occasion, including in the media. It still works best to intimidate the average German citizen and continue to sell them for stupid.

(…) How did it become possible, to destroy a once thriving, prosperous, and beloved country and split it’s people in such a way that whole families, companies and friendships break down because of it? It would certainly take many hours of conversation to figure this out.

(….) From educated citizens to professors, doctors, to cleaners – many of us are so fed up. My personal experiences and conversations, no matter in what social circle, tell me a different story than the only “13 percent” voting for the (right-wing, red.) AfD. It must be possible to bring these millions of dissatisfied citizens to the streets? I’m thinking of the demonstrations on the 4th of November 1989 on Alexanderplatz. (This demonstration was the first officially permitted demonstration in East Germany that was organized by individuals and not by the authorities. It led to the fall of the Berlin wall and German reunification, red.)

(…) “And once the vast majority of Germans take to the streets accross the country, there will be more, until the last despondent wil take courage to finally stand up against unbridled mass immigration ‘a la Soros’ – and against all the social injustices in the country – against left-green eco- and gendermania, against the betrayal of the German people and billion dollar frauds. 

Of course, your “Joint Statement 2018” (Gemeinsame Erklärung 2018) is a well-intentioned action and better than doing nothing – but unfortunately that will not help either. Because most Germans (a good friend once told me: 80% of Germans read ‘BILD’ and watch ‘RTL2’) have not heard of this initiative at all and because our politicians (‘living in their crazy cuckoo homes in the clouds’) don’t give a crap.”

(…) “Unfortunately, I no longer believe in miracles, but hope is known to die last. I do not want to give up (yet). The lives of our children and grandchildren are at stake. How should we look them in the eyes and explain that we did nothing when there was still a glimmer of hope and opportunity? Our grandchildren will hate us for what we once did NOT do. 

And that, dear Mrs. Lengsfeld, causes me great concern every day.