Transgender woman speaks out against diversity agenda: ‘Mentioning that you do not feel like a victim is forbidden – and your political views are already fixed’

4 juni 2018

In  a growing number of Western (ánd not so Western) countries transgender people are currently widely protected against discrimination and exclusion through specifiek, anti-family laws that prohibit… denying postmodern gender theory. Let’s be honest, that’s what the fuss is all about. 

Discrimination against the LGBTQ-group has been labeled as a ‘hate crime’, and fined. Violators of speech codes have been compelled to undergo anti-bias training and applaud gender-neutral toilets. Numerous left-wing political parties and interest groups are fighting to roll out the most ‘diverse’ agenda. All so that we will finally be liberated from the boxes ‘man’ and ‘woman’.

The rainbows can not be reached. It was Jordan Peterson in Canada who first stood up to point out that  “ideologues” are “using unsuspecting and sometimes complicit members of the so-called transgender community to push their ideological vanguard forward.”

I received a letter in my mailbox recently from Leonora*, a Dutch transgender woman (a ‘t-girl’), who describes exactly this feeling of being used for political purposes. She wrote: ‘my political views are already established as a transgender.’ The presumption seems to be that the voices of transgenders are never heard because the Left is fighting on their behalf. This is not true. It is safe to presume that many, maybe most transgenders don’t feel represented in the least.

Leonora paints a completely different, all but colorful picture of how the so-called champions of ‘diversity’ advocate for her and fellow ‘sufferers’ of  transgenderism: “Putting forward that you do not feel like a victim is forbidden – and your political views are already fixed,” she writes.

The rest of her letter:

“I have always gone my own way in life and sometimes that means that you can not take part in the comfort of a group. I have always been able to live well without that comfort because it gave me a lot of freedom. But it has started to take on a painful form in recent years.

As a dark-colored Tgirl, with a bond with Israel, It is sometimes exhausting  to attend  to the opposite, a like-minded choir of international socialists and other, more modern thinkers. They often find that I have to act as a co-victim against Trump / Baudet / Nanninga / Wilders, Dutch right-wing politicians.

When I make it clear to them that I do not see myself as a victim and agree with some of the right-wing views, I often see fear, surprise and confusion in their eyes.

When I have the energy and move on to say that I have more issues with the line of Soros / Hillary / Rutte than that usually means we’ve had our  last conversation.

The amount of toxins that I encounter with the younger generation may not be a surprise to you, especially the higher educated people are often no longer open to reason and are avoiding all contact with dissidents.

With this letter I just want to make it clear to you that there are also T-girls and T-boys among your readers – people who also suffer from the current political climate. People like you and Peterson work on the continued existence of a free exchange of thoughts, thank you for that and take heart!”

*Leonora is not her real name, and stock photo is not her.