On Trump vs. Macron: The Self-Protection of Nations only Looks like Isolation to Those Who are Dependent on Everyone’s Misery

26 september 2018

Greetings from the far-away island of Europe. Just letting you know that the people here also watched Donald Trumps speech at the UN General Assembly yesterday. But of course we don’t (get to) think much of it, considering that shots already have been fired from France, from Merkel-backed surrender monkey Emmanuel Macron:

I know, this is from CNN, a network that doesn’t care to put ‘isolationist message’ between quotation marks (as it should). But since European media have ceased to research anything beyond the CNN narrative, it will do for now as an example of how division is being fabricated daily. This is our reality now.

Most European news-outlets are virtue-signalling the same stories everyday: Trump is isolating itself and it’s allies (us), Trump is constantly ‘in VERY REAL trouble NOW’ and a terrible human being (especially behind doors). The opinions of Hollywood celebrities are also somehow worth our time, pussyhat feminism and #metoo hysteria alike – while we are deeply submitted to the algorithms and cooperate rules of Silicon Valley. That is how our stage has been set.

On this stage our ‘leaders’, Macron and Angela Merkel, bow weakly to the tactics of the American opposition media – because at least they still uphold and spread their lunatic, trainwreck ideology of borderless globalism that Obama and his predecessors have hypnotised them (and the people of Europe) with.

So let’s see what Trump had to say yesterday:

“We will never surrender America’s sovereignty to an unelected, unaccountable global bureaucracy. And we embrace the doctrine of patriotism.” It was a good speech, most of the man’s craziness seems to have died off. He must really like his job.

Macron however, immediately warned that “nationalism always leads to defeat.” That’s just crazy, and I can tell you, he did not speak for us. Macron just wants All Of Us defeated, that is what he means, not just Europe. He claimed that Trump’s isolationist policies, particularly towards Iran, raises the potential threat of conflict. To “clashes, man against man, everyone pitted against everyone else (…).” And: “The law of the jungle does not protect any people against any threat whatsoever, whether chemical or nuclear.” He could have just told the truth: I am a coward.

But more importantly: who is being a true isolationist here? Who applies the law of the jungle? Europe is. It is Europe’s lack of embodiment that isolates us from the world. Let’s be clear. To be a nation – a body in a world – in fact elevates isolationism, just like being a body in public makes you part of the public.

The real isolationist is Macron, sulking in his room, waiting for reality to fit his fantasies. And Trump is the only parent in the other room, offering the world a high standard to live by – voluntarily but not without obligations. After watching his speech I knew I would rather sit on Trumps socialism-proof island than drift around on a raft in Europe’s sea of hopelessness.

I, and many others, truly feel embarrassed and ashamed that Europe is bluffing it’s way through the big questions of our times. ‘Who are we?’, ‘How can we make the world safer?’, ‘How can we guarantee progress and wealth?’ It’s not like we don’t have any experience.

But in Merkels Europe all these questions have been kidnapped by ideologically possessed post-humans  that have forsaken the lessons from the past and have – like Leo Tolstoy wrote in ‘A confession’ – ‘no idea what they are doing, passing time, rowing their boats hoping to arrive at a place where it will somehow all fall into place.’ Basically the definition of modern progressivism.

The behaviour of our leaders all feed off the narcissistic ‘belief’ that fighting for what’s right and good in the here and now and getting our hands dirty, is inferior to the ultimate good as a goal, an ideal. It’s no more than a convenient theory where tests of character are no longer necessary, because Utopia will prove our righteousness in the end.

So, Please send help and support. Our leaders are lost in this gigantic hole of nothingness, detached from traditio and culture. They want to do away with the whole concept of soevereinigy and self-protection and are more than willing to welcome the ‘law of the jungle‘ – they so bravely accuse Trump of.

We wish you the best from the island of Europe, and please remember, self-esteem and self-protection only look like isolation to those who are dependent on the misery of others for their self-preservation. Stay strong.