With Michael P. Senger – How China’s Lockdown Propaganda Shut Down The World

01 februari 2022

In this episode I had the honor of speaking with lawyer and author Michael P. Senger, who recently came out with his revealing and ‘tell all’ book ‘Snake Oil, How Xi Jinping Shut Down The World’. (link to order below)

He explains how through propaganda and fraud, the CCP (Chinese Communist Party / Communist Party of China) transformed the snake oil of COVID-19 lockdowns into “science,” according to Senger “the greatest crime of the 21st century to date”.

We discuss Jinping’s character, his political and ideological goals, the nature of psychological warfare, how lockdowns were only (and VERY) effective in getting people to ‘voluntarily’ give up their fundamental rights – in exchange for ‘privileges’. Senger explains the difference in geo-political strategy between China and for example the US. “If the US is a lion, China would be the snake”.

The importance and significance of bringing China’s role more to the centre of what caused the pandemic response can’t be underestimated. Is the Western World rapidly changing into China?

We end our conversation with China’s ‘weak spot’: managing the truth that is coming out. All censorship efforts luckily haven’t been sufficient to stop that virus from spreading.

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