FORESHADOWING 2021: Jordan Peterson on ‘The Endless Sins of the Radical Left’, Hitler & Censorship

24 januari 2021

Thank you for listening to my 2018 conversation with Jordan Peterson, who I met in Amsterdam. We instantly dove into the topics that are more urgent than ever (in 2021): the tragedy of life, censorship, history repeating, learning “what we’re like” and why the Left is self-destructing.

Tragedy in the first place is that life is short, Peterson says, the second problem is our malevolence and habit of transcending into chaos. If we go on on this path, with (media) lies, it could end in genocide. Why would it be any different this time? We refer to the ‘never again’ historicism, lessons learned from Jane Goodall. That nature isn’t ‘naturally good’.

We talk about Petersons sudden fame amidst controversy, how he helped young men find meaning and hope. “People need a counter position” to tragedy. Their best instincts are actually good, like responsibility, which can be learned through stories.

We also talk about why women don’t tend to speak their mind when it comes to how we should culturally manifest ourselves. “They think doubts should be expressed privately”, Peterson says.

I uploaded this video on my channel after it was first published by filmmaker Marijn Poels ( He filmed the interview that was also featured in the movie ‘PARADOGMA’.

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