Yesterday I had an online conversation with a friend in the United States. We talked about the need for new vocabulary in which we don’t have to rely on identity politics and ‘eternal truths’.

My thoughts.

This recent letter from a concerned citizen was written to German politician and publicist Vera Lengsfeld (1952) and published on her website. Lengsfeld was a prominent civil rights activist (put under Stasi-observations) in former East Germany. More recently she was the initiator of ‘Die Gemeinsame Erklärung 2018’ – the ‘Joint Statement 2018’ – where she and about six dozen other German intellectuals called for law and order at the borders and an open debate without fear about mass-immigration in Germany. It was signed openly by over 165.000 people (from all walks of live) and presented to the government – but quickly framed as ‘far-right’.