The Fire Online is a Dutch-International weblog, based in Berlin by Sietske Bergsma. Content will be published in English and Dutch (please check out the Google Translate button on the right side of each article).

I publish for http://www.thepostonline.nl and other magazines on topics concerning Germany, The Netherlands, US and -mostly- just normal-extraordinary people, books and stories. My opinions are my own.


Here are some responses to my work from my readers (as found on my Facebook page and in the comments on www.thepostonline.nl)

“Anyone who stands up to left wing brainwashing, hijacking of the public debate through identity politics en helps to spread works like that of Jordan Peterson and other beacons of light in these dark times, deserves 5 stars. A tribute to her.”

“Amazing, everyone should read this everyday.”

“Sharp, cristal clear and very intelligent. An asset to the freedom of expression.”

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